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Social Club Misfits - Testify ft. Crowder (Lyric Video)

by SocialClubMisfits   2 months ago

Social Club Misfits lyric video of “Testify” featuring Crowder.
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I was falling apart when Heaven rescued me
Recovered my heart, I want the world to see
I can testify, testify

From the comforts of my home to a jail cell
Tried to break me down, but their plan failed
I remember like yesterday still clear as day
When I felt I had my whole future stripped away
Should’ve known better I failed to heed
Speeding through the lanes I was looking for the better me
Feeding my desires, ignoring my royal pedigree
Bloodline from the heavens still slept in a penitentiary
But I was meant for more, so when you say the words I’ve written touch you, it’s the Lord
The pressure that I felt on me don’t feel it anymore
You sent me healing from above, there’s nothing realer than Your love

I was falling apart when Heaven rescued me
Recovered my heart, I want the world to see
I can testify, I can testify
I gave Him my life, He gave it back to me
No longer the same, not who I used to be
I can testify, testify

Does God still remember I’m here
I need same day delivery for some of my prayers
I close my eyes when my stress and anxiety flare
If it comes up like stairs
I know right on time my God will be there
So many blessings coming down I don’t know what is real
I’m not scared
I just feel like I shouldn’t be here
But I’m prepared, I got nothing to fear
This is God’s plan young man and not a career
It’s a calling
I’m all in
I’m done stalling
I’m done waiting for a better time to tell my story
I know there’s power in His name
He reminds me who I am
Even tho I’m far from perfect it never stopped His plans

Jesus lifted me up from the grave
I’m singing Amazing Grace
This is my time to testify, Ima testify

Jam-packed with riveting beats, compelling lyrics and loads of energy, South Florida Hip-Hop duo Social Club Misfits is the result of two distinctive personalities meshing together to create an invigorating sound. Comprised of Martin Santiago (Marty) and Fernando Miranda (Fern), the self-monikered "Misfits" are disruptors in every sense, challenging norms and bringing other misfits along for the ride. With a host of projects and EPs under their belt, including the Billboard-charting full lengths INTO THE NIGHT, The Misadventures, Misfits 2 and US, the Dove Award winning rappers have made a sport of pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities of what faith-based music can accomplish. From headlining sold out tours across the country to spawning imitators the world over, it's clear the duo has struck a chord with listeners from all walks of life.

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