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This Wild Life - Westside [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

by This Wild Life   11 months ago

This Wild Life's official music video for 'Westside' from the album, Petaluma - available now on Epitaph Records at

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Your head fits right into my shoulder
My hands feel cold but yours feel colder
And you're burning up inside
I see the pain behind your eyes
I know my hands can't help from shaking
I can't stand thinking of him taking
The safety in your head
The comfort of your bed

We were too young to drink, too drunk to drive
Too young to feel these things inside
The westside's always pulling your burden straight into my current
She said it's too hard to comprehend
I just wanna feel safe again
The westside's always pulling, but you could never be a burden
It's alright, it's alright

Yeah we've gotten a bit older
We've learned to keep our composure
But we can't forget the nights
The blue skies or flashing lights
Your voice keeps ringing like a siren
I hear it louder still in silence
Yeah you're tough just like your love
And you've never given up

You hit me like a headrush, and hurt like a paper cut
And you're still in my head but just not in my heart
I mean it when I hope that you're ok
I hope you've made peace in your own way
And you're still in my head even though we've grown apart

We met way too young, grew up too fast
The love that we had could never last
But the westside's always pulling
Returning you into my current

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