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LAVAR (Confidence) Official Music Video - by Adi Always Winning

by Adi Always Winning   7 months ago

Hey there!

What you are about to watch and listen to is both the first song and the first music video I have ever produced. All criticism and opinions are welcome. I'm just shootin' my shot.

Like most people, I have faced many L's (challenges) in my life. I have been down on my luck, I have had bad days, weeks, months and years.


I ain't tryna go out sad...

This song is about confidence. You do not need to have accomplished anything to have confidence. Your situation does not define you.

Borrow some confidence from a role model you look up to. Someone who makes you feel unstoppable.

Have a long-term goal but do your best not to get bogged down by your lack of vision into the future.

Pay attention instead on the very next simple step you need to take. The very next step. That's all. Before you know it, you'll be a quarter of the way there, then halfway and so on.

This is the process I used to produce this music video. I took inspiration from every single 'L' I have experienced and turned it into a "W." A win.

Before I even thought of this song, I had already bought my gold teeth. Some may think it is tasteless and braggadocios, but to me it was a symbol of confidence.

If I could survive (and thrive) a very rigorous 3 year tenure studying Architecture in my country's top university, I am positive I can do anything I put my mind to.

I gave myself the name Adi Always Winning not because I don't lose. But because every loss is an opportunity to learn from.

The lesson learned from my losses were then applied immediately to help me win.

Losing = Opportunity = Learning + Winning

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Thank you for stopping by and watching this.

- Adi

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