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Blessthefall - Wishful Sinking

by riserecords   1 year ago

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You were the flame, but your burned out easily
you see the light through the dark
but you can't quite see through me
every word that you waste, every breath that you faked
hope they're keeping you up at night
I'm dying to let you go

You're the shore I'm the tidal wave
I'm the reason you're coming up for air
holding on to a memory
You can blame it on wishful sinking
I'd try to save you
But what were you thinking?

So just breathe slow caught in the undertow
and I'm fighting the current
holding my ground if you can't let go
the pressure will hold you down
remember when you said until the end
I swear I'll never feel the same again

Every word that you waste
Every breath that you faked
Hope they're keeping you up at night
and I'm dying to let you know
They're coming for you

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