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NEEDTOBREATHE - "Bridges Burn" [Official Audio]

by NEEDTOBREATHE   1 year ago

“Bridges Burn” is from NEEDTOBREATHE's collection of songs titled Forever On Your Side (Niles City Sound Sessions). Stream or purchase now at

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Animation by: Katia Temkin

It’s time for moving on
There’s some things you can’t forget
Sinking us like a stone
I just wanna bury it

I wanna watch all my bridges burn
Stand in the rain till a page is turned
Dance in the light of a lesson learned, lesson learned
I wanna leave everything that hurts
Never go back to the way we were
Set it on fire, baby watch it burn, watch it burn

Out into the unknown
We traded in our regrets
Not gonna go alone
Cause we’re gonna finish this

Burn it all, set me free
And let the smoke blow on out, to the sea
I need to find somewhere I can believe
I need to know there’s a chance we could be

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