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Lady XO - "Okay" (Official Music Video)

by Lady XO   1 month ago

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Shot by CVO Films
Produced by Freezy Beats
Tattoo by Tito

Got my own money
No these bitches don’t compare to me
Got it out the mud so deep
That’s why I always play for keeps
Keep my shit lowkey in case these bitches try to tell on me
Either way I ain’t gon say the 5th is what the fuck I plead
Bitch I walk around couple bands in my pocket
Free the homies whats the word takin off just like a rocket
I don’t need no help man I already asked em anyways
They wanna ride the wave but they can’t swim guess that means I’m okay

Yeah I’m okay
I don’t need you because I’m okay
Stay up out my way
Because I’m okay

I don’t talk for hours cuz I’m busy tryna make a play
Please don’t take it personal be patient babe I’m on the way
Miss the risks that you don’t take devilish I love the pay
I ain’t never evil unless you makin me out to be

He told me he love me but I think that ima leave him
He been with another bitch not like I got no reason
Shit ain’t workin out cuz he don’t treat me like I treat him
Don’t lie to my face sorry I do not believe ya
I hit like 120 2am onna freeway
Probably shouldn’t do this side effects from drinkin Ducee
Blue bills keep me company that’s why I feel so lovely
Your work is on the way priority just give it 2 days
I been takin L’s but it don’t matter cuz I’m bouncin back
Homies did me dirty askin God could you remove that
I don’t care bout fame cuz all they wanna do is pop a tag but I still got the love in me if you real I’ll pass you a stack
I ain’t never switch up they just mad because I called em out
You don’t really fuck with me I see it you live for the clout
I’m just too straight up that’s just a taste of what I be about
If you can’t handle that it ain’t a thing to have to cut you out
These blessings & these lessons always gotta stay afloat
I can’t wait until I make it fuck a flood I gotta boat
Ever hear me talk my shit it’s cuz I got some room to boast
So When I say I beat the odds you can’t tell me I do the most

Yeah I’m okay
I don’t need you because I’m okay
Stay up out my way
Because I’m okay

Gotta couple people stayin hatin I been doin great
I know I had to take my chances somethin told me shit was fate
Type of shit you build from nothin no it ain’t for none to take
For as long as ill be living pray the lord will keep me sane

I gotta go by actions they don’t keep their word who do I trust
Pay attention when you listen you don’t gotta say too much
I made a run for what I wished for as if I was in a rush
I never really liked the small talk don’t respond to hey whats up
Don’t try me with a poker face because I’ll have to call ya bluff
Bitch I turned nothin into stuntin I’m a diamond in the rough
Hope you never do me dirty you get dragged all in the muck
If I showed you love before that know now I don’t give a fuck
If you ever passed me up then I guess you shit outta luck
Cuz I got it on my own so keep ya hands off do not touch
I heard em lying on me goofy ass now let’s keep it a buck
It’s not my fault you couldn’t hang you went got swept under the rug

Yeah I’m okay
I don’t need you because I’m okay
Stay up out my way
Because I’m okay

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