DJ UUHHH - No Heart No Love (UUHHHH) Official Music Video by The King's Corner   2 months ago

Official music video for DJ UUHHHH's hit track, No Heart No Love (UUHHHH)
I dont really know why Dj uUHhhh makes the music he does, some think its becauses he smokes crack, others think its because he still wears whitey tightys every single day. i like to think its becasue he hates his life so much and wants everyone else to feel the same pain that he constalty feels. yeah tahts probalbly why he ,makes this trash garbage fuck music
i need music listners to listen to my music
wait no dont go, stay here and listen to my mucis/ i think i have made a few typos but idk, im using snapchat right now but chief keef hasnt responded on if he wants to make a mix tape with me, meek mills already dsaid he will when he gets out of prision jail thing my name is alyeid atm and i am posting this video in hopes that you will listen and like it and show it to ur friends and they will like it too, hi please listen, i need food, do you have fgoofd i cpuld borrow? Mr Frosty just left me! i hate him! he is so dumb! such a dumb butt, anyways listento to ,music and show everyone you know pls?
THANK you have a goo d day.!

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