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NEEDTOBREATHE - "Darling" [Official Audio]

by NEEDTOBREATHE   4 months ago

“Darling” is from NEEDTOBREATHE's collection of songs titled Forever On Your Side (Niles City Sound Sessions). Stream or purchase now at

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Animation by: Katia Temkin

Darling won’t you talk with me for a little while
We ain’t got no where to be
Oh and I’ve come so many miles
Darling won’t you talk with me for a little while
Or at least until the baby cries or we both fall asleep

I have been gone for so long
I’m tired of seeing these things on my own
I don’t want to do this alone
I don’t need New York or Paris or Rome
I don’t wanna be on these screens
I don’t care about all these places or things
I just want to be there with you
The only thing that carries me through

I know it’s hard to be home
Trying to take care of a house on your own
I know that I’m supposed to be gone
Maybe that’s true but it feels like it’s wrong
I spend all these great nights alone
With strangers and vagrants that I’ll never know
I just wanna be there with you
The only one that carries me through

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