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Ella Mai - Trip (Vevo LIFT Live Sessions)

by EllaMaiVEVO   7 months ago

Ella Mai - Trip (Vevo LIFT Live Sessions)

When you drop a song like “Boo’d Up” and it rockets across the pop landscape, people are gonna want to know all about you. Even though she began her career a few years ago, London-born, NYC-raised Ella Mai has been a 2018 success story with a newcomer’s vibe. She’s zoomed from 0 to 100 in a matter of months. When her self-titled album dropped this year, it was easy to hear that the work she’d done on her previous EPs (wisely shaped by DJ Mustard) being refined. Slowly but surely, the musical details and emotional impact of her personal spin on modern R&B became super obvious…and rather irresistible. She’s toured with Bruno Mars, followed “Boo’d Up” with the wonderful “Trip,” and is ready to kick off a 2019 tour in January. Our new LIFT artist is a charmer – you’ll see that in her performances and the ‘Becoming Ella Mai’ profile, which features an exclusive interview with the singer. Watch and share them all.

Director: Micah Bickham
Producer: Maura Scully, Saharah Sejour, Emily Louick, Contrast Films
Editor: Colton Fordyce

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Ella Mai:

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