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SISTERHOOD • Anthem - "Ooh Child" (Featuring Regan Aliyah, Chika, Tiffany Gouché)

by Girls Who Code   8 months ago

Girls Who Code is proud to present SISTERHOOD, a digital visual album celebrating sisterhood and empowering girls. Here is our anthemic single, "Ooh Child" a re-work of the Five Stairsteps hit song, ushered into 2018 with the help of Chika, Tiffany Gouché, and Regan Aliyah, produced by DJ Khalil.

The SISTERHOOD Anthem track brings together Club Mickey Mouse’s first rapper Regan Aliyah, Nigerian-American rapper Chika, and singer/songwriter/producer Tiffany Gouché to reimagine one of the most arresting and unmistakably groovy activist anthems of all-time, “Ooh, Child,” with new lyrics for a new generation of changemakers.

The full album, titled SISTERHOOD, will feature appearances from Little Miss Flint, Cecile Richards, Aparna Nancherla, Sasheer Zamata, Girls Who Code alumni, and more!

We hope you join us on International Day of the Girl, October 11th, to raise YOUR hand for #sisterhood. We ask that you write a cause dear to your heart, something you care deeply about, on your hand and post a photo on social media using #sisterhood and tag @girlswhocode.

SISTERHOOD was made possible by Girls Who Code Partners AT&T and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

Girls Who Code is a national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.

Tiffany Gouché
Regan Aliyah

Mari Copeny - Little Miss Flint

Director: Kathryn Ferguson

Song Produced By: Khalil Abdul-rahman

Luzi Ashley Castillo
Kerrice Ayanna Brooks
Yunah Chung
Noelle Rodriguez
Hannah Bounds
Regan Aliyah
Tehya Newman
Adalina Cano
Sierra Caravarin
Jasha Benidicto
Shannon Hafez
Kailin Sky Hall
Olivia ‘liv’ Brown
Tyrah Polke
Saadiya Murphy
Kennedy Garcia

“Girls Who Code” Girls:
Lainy Dickson
Jacqueline Arreola
Diana Kris Navarro
Alexandra Barahona
Annamarie Mcintosh
Amaya Johnson

Production Company: Believe Films

Executive Producer: Jannie Mcinnes
Producer: Bridget Blake-wilson

Production Supervisor: Enrique Salcedo
Production Coordinator: Nathalie Gironas

Choreographer: Noemie Lafrance

Casting Director: Myrosia Palmer

1st Ad: Gail Shand
2nd Ad: Luther Sartor

Director Of Photography: Corey C. Waters
Steadicam: Nick Müller
1st Ac – A Camera: Seth Lawrence

Gaffer: Matthew Tuppen
Bb Electric: Max Ciesynski

Production Designer: Marcos Lutyens

Lead Man: Lance Schultz
Driver – Art: Jeff Thomas
PA – Art: David Riley

Prop Master: Shannon Joyce

Wardrobe: Binkie Reevey

Makeup: Omayma Ramzy
Makeup Assistant: Laura Raczka
Hair: Amber Kerns

VTR: Gennadi Balitski
Playback: Darren D. Bell

Security X 4: Sal Thomas
Set Teacher: Monique Fisher

PA – Truck: Isaac Moody
PA – Set: Quinn Koenemam
PA – Set: Logan Blue
PA – Set: Myshanea Dawson
PA – Set: Amanda Johnson
PA – Set: Dexter Pierce Jr.
PA – Set: Andrew Reyes

Editor: Mike Spagnoli
Colorist: Faith Millin
Vfx: Flawless

Site Rep: Roy Pachinsky
Van Driver: David Salazar
Medic: Susan Trabue
Restroom Driver: Kyle Lucas

Hotel Director: The Line

Camera: T-stop
Casting Facility: Broad-cast
Catering: My Taco Guy
Lighting: Wooden Nickel
Trucking: Galpin
Walkies: Setlife

Bts Crew: Brandie Wed
Bts Crew: Seannie Bryan
Bts Crew: Paloma Criollo
Bts Crew: Hailey Magoon

Yours Truly Creative
Strategy Director: Sonia Salvador
Creative Producer: Alexandra Thurmond
Creative Director: Lydia Fine
Music Supervisor: Jayne Andrew

Girls Who Code
Executive Producer: Reshma Saujani
Executive Producer: Ginny Suss
Producer: Ashley Grambly
Producer: Deborah Singer
Producer: Charlotte Stone
Producer: Tania Zaparaniuk

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