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JackSucksAtLife DISS TRACK (Official Music Video)

by The Original Ace   9 months ago

The official JackSucksAtLife DISS TRACK! Jack had it coming!

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Hey, jack
Welcome to my track!
I wish that I could say that you would welcome me back, but
I’m banned… on f**king Skycade
Now how can we be friends when stole my YouTube rank? D**n!
You abused the rank yourself for so many years
That when someone does it right, yeah you couldn’t f**king see it!
I didn’t see it. That dragon was invisible
I’m glad it happened though it was the first thing on your server... Original
Even a rank inside your store was created by me
I’m the ORIGINAL Ace! Ambassador to the community
When you banned me from your server, you lost your best meme!
And if you gave your dog a treat, I bet he would agree! Woof!
Or would you prefer a random number generator?
Better yet! Let kai choose. Yeah! He gets the views!
Ooooh, man! I bet that really bites!
If only you knew… what losing YouTube rank felt like!
Oh wait! I guess I’m not alone!
When it comes to YouTube rank, we both lost one.
At least my YouTube rank is on a server that matters
Yeeeeah, hypixel doesn’t take too kindly to hackers
You should listen to the guy, that always does it right
This perfectionist at heart, has got a little advice
You can’t win a fight with hashtag good guy ace
You should stick to what you’re good at: swirly face!

I got it figured out, bro
The reason you're a cow
A new trend comes out and Jack is on the prowl
More Minecraft hackers... it's really not complex
Find a guy, ban him, 10 minutes; it brings the checks
Let's slow this down
You're fighting Ace, yet you're wearing HIS gown?
ALEXA, ALEXA, or should I say Jack?
Cuz you both repeat things; play.skycade.net
There was no point in my dissing
You did that yourself; The life you're missing
Come on man... it's in your own name
I guess it's why you chose a Minecraft fame?

Hey, Jack, how ya doing b***h?
After this, your channel's gonna be left in a ditch
I would say I'm 'bouta bring your channel to an end
But you're doing it yourself with TREND, TREND, TREND
You're far from original, is that why you're after Ace?
Swirly effect to fix that f**king face
Jack smells like s**t
Suggestion for your channel: just f**king quit
SkyCade dot nah... SkyCade rather not
Please respond, Jack! Please take your best shot
This guy needs Jesus; better give him 5 bucks
At life... isn't the only thing you zuck!
Now, Jack, I got some things to say
500k subs, that's pretty OK
But looking back at how your channel was born,
How could you be proud of making f**king Minecraft p**n
Diss track, my bill, I'm the main driver
Your channel would be d3ad if it wasn't for Fiverr
I'm sorry man, you just had to be stopped
And when you fight TheOriginalAce, you're gonna get dropped!

Justin Bieber called and he wants his hair back
But he wants it with a comb, cuz that hair is bl**dy wacked
When you’re trollin your fans, you really wanna look like that?
Come on now Jack… stick to the format!
You can’t escape from this track. NO EVADING!
Sure ya banned my alt, but I’m still playing
To all of jack’s fans who think that I’m a savage,
Don’t worry kids! No Long term damage!
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Background Music Credit: Yakuzee Beatz
Track Name: "Boom Bap"
Music By: Yakuzee Beatz @ https://soundcloud.com/user-811451507
My Equipment:
Computer: Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor, 3643 Mhz, 32 GB Memory, 3 TB Hard Drive space
Monitor: Acer B6 Series B286HK
Mouse: Roccat Kone Aimo Owl Eye Gaming Mouse
Keyboard: Razor Blackwidow
Mic: Blue Yeti (not the pro one...)
Average Network Ping: 24ms
Recording Software: Fraps & Audacity
Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 14.0
My Camera: Sony AX100

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