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Tori Kelly - 2 Places (Official Audio)

by ToriKellyVEVO   3 weeks ago

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These days I keep finding myself caught in between
Am I awake or am I walking in my sleep
Just never know what I’ll be feeling today
Happy or sad, yeah it could go either way
One minute I’ll be fine then I don’t know how to feel

I’m in between the two
Standing still and on the run
Don’t know what to do
I’m in two places at once
I feel like the moon
Tryna stay up for the sun
Heart is so confused
Cause it’s two places at once

I’m always spinning back and forth, I’m up and down
My head’s all over the place, and I’m stuck on the ground
Just look at the birds, they only know how to fly
Up in the clouds, they never worry like I do
One hand holds onto hope, the other is filled with doubt

The same things that make me smile
Are the same things that make me cry
The same things that comfort me
Are keeping me up at night, oh
I must be going numb, maybe it’s all because
I’m feeling everything, and I feel it all at once

Music video by Tori Kelly performing 2 Places (Audio). © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC & Schoolboy Records

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