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Jesus Culture - How Amazing (Official Lyric Video)

by Jesus Culture   10 months ago

Official lyric video for "How Amazing” by Jesus Culture.
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Where I saw death, there You saw life
And You ran to my rescue
Can't wrap my head around the cross
How far You would go for me
The sacrifice, it cut so deep
Your wounds are my healing
And mercy’s cry, so bittersweet
The sound brings me to my knees

Oh, how amazing
Your love came pouring out
Oh, how amazing
The grace that I have found
I'm lost in wonder
Here I am, undone
Oh, how amazing
How amazing
This love

Where I felt lost, You called me found
Embraced in the Savior
I'm not the same, I'll never be
Your love changed my destiny

Oh, the heights, the depths of Your great love
At the cross, it was finished, Your mercy won
Your scars reflect my healing, I stand redeemed
The weight of sin is lifted, I’m running free

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