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Underoath - ihateit (Official Music Video)

by Fearless Records   10 months ago

From the album 'Erase Me (Deluxe Edition)' - out now

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Director: Caleb Mallery

I used to think I had it all
Somehow I fell back into habits that tear me apart
I never got to say I’m sorry
But I can’t sleep alone tonight

If it’s good for me
And it’s good for you
If I die tonight
Then I’ll make it up to you

You’re the only thing that gets me high and I hate it

I’m tangled up in my own image
But I hate who’s staring back at me

If it’s the truth I seek
It’s the truth you’ll serve
If my soul is weak
Then I’ll make it up to you

I’m just a user
’Cause I used you up to my end
If you could see me now
I wear a beggar’s crown
If I could turn back time
I wouldn’t change a fuckin’ thing
God erase me
I don’t deserve the life you give
God I can’t change at all

You’re the only thing that gets me high and I HATE it

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