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Doesn't Matter (Official Video) - Megan Davies

by Megan Davies   11 months ago

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It’s been just about 5 years since I uploaded my first homemade music video to this channel. My mom filmed it - my little sister Jaclyn sat beside me on a piano bench as we sang our first mashup. I was camera shy and made them both swear we would never put it online.

Every year, every video, and every subscriber since then has been a marker of growth. A small victory over fear. And a reminder to myself to try new things and embrace all that comes with it.

Doesn’t Matter is a song about growth, confidence and moving on. I struggled with depression as a kid and the world seemed daunting and often unkind. I still have demons that I struggle with to this day. However, with time comes perspective. It felt right to approach this one in a new way.

Special thanks to everyone involved in this – there’s quite a few more of you than my normal videos haha. Listing everyone below. And shout out to you guys for listening, caring and being the reason why I’m able to do what I do. It continually moves me and I hope I can do the same for you.

All the love..

- -

Director/Editor: Patrick Mason
Producers: Colin Mason, Jessica Siegert
DP: JP Summers
AD / Prod. Design: Micah Mason
AC: Brandon Habuda
Gaffer: Jacob Schwartz
Grip / Swing: Jacki Ris
Grip: Yasha Langer
HMU: Kim Reyes
Styling: Beth Hitchcock


Finn O'Hara
Ben Kelin
Samantha Rios

Shane Martin
Emma Li
Camille Mooney
Ava Tutas
Elissa Tutas
Hannah Nicholson
Rowan Burney
Isabelle Zombron
Elias Eyre
Isaiah Eyre
Adaline Eyre
Abigail Mason
Rachel Klein
Micah Mason
Twitter & Insta: @meganadavies

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