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RED SHOES #EndDomesticViolence (Official Music Video) - Juliette Reilly

by Juliette Reilly   8 months ago

The official music video for an inspirational, cause song I wrote and performed for the BWNICE organization's Red Shoe Events so we can END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.


Director: Alesha Peluso
Production: Three Summers Creative

Dir. of Photography: Ty Anderson

Music Composed by: Juliette Reilly
Produced by: Rich Pilkington
Audio Tech & Boom Op: Tim Anderson

Lead Woman: Patricia Contreras
Abusive Boyfriend: Kelvin Grullon
Barista: Monica Pinto
Coffee Shop Friend 1: Christina Chae
Coffee Shop Friend 2: Eeshea McDougle
Father: Robinson Cardona
Son: Matthew Cardona

Hair & Makeup: Ulta, Renee Newman, Kendra Szikura
Hair: Bonnie Briggs, Peter Wicks
Set Photography: Kaytea Legg/KT Photos
La Crème: Patricia Pinto
Production Assistant: Nick Simovich
Dance Choreographer: Pat Miller

“Red Shoes” Credit
Diane Simovich - Founder of BW NICE
Juliette Reilly - Singer/Songwriter
Board of Trustees for BW NICE

Organizations Who Gave Their Support
Red Mill Museum
Prallsville Mills

Special Thanks
Macy’s for the Outfits
Sue Squires - Stylist & Corporate Sales at Macy’s Bridgewater
Jennifer Stein - The Kasper Group
Ladies of BW NICE who attended the group shot


The time is NOW to fight back and raise awareness, with the #MeToo movement, October being domestic violence awareness month and where we are in 2018. Domestic violence and teen bullying go hand in hand, and I am standing up (and dancing in my red shoes...) to end this.


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Thanks for watching, keep the music alive & be kind to yourself.
xx J.


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