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Breakbot - Another You (Feat. Ruckazoid) (Official Music Video)

by Ed Banger Records   9 months ago

Breakbot and Ruckazoid merge, creating Breakazoid, a cosmic pimp, who distributes his love to humans by taking them across the galaxy on the planet love.

Breakbot et Ruckazoid fusionnent, créant Breakazoid, pimp cosmique, qui distribue son amour aux humains en les embarquant à travers la galaxie sur la planète love.

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Directed and Designed by : Olivier Lescot

Art Director: Leïla Courtillon

Produced by: Eddy / Brunch Studio

Lead Compositing: Mathieu Bétard

Lead Animation: Olivier Lescot

Animation: Vic Chhun, Léo Schweitzer, Leyla Kaddoura, Martin Richard, Mathilde Loubes

Additional Animation and FX: Antoine Carré (stage), Constance Bertoux (stage), Basile Cortale (stage), Claire Launay (stage), Keith Rowsell
Animation Clean: Keith Rowsell, Antoine Carré, Basile Cortale, Claire Launay, Hadrien Bonnet
Colorist: Caroline Laine, Michelle Chan, Antoine Carré, Constance Bertoux, Basile Cortale, Claire Launay
Compositing: Maxime Bousquet
Compositing (camera): Olivier Kimyon
Additional Design: Morgan le Henry, Maxime Dupuy, Antoine Carré
3D Layout: Maxime Granger, Jean Charles Kerninon
Grading: Gabriel Porier
Conform: Maël Gaumont
Post Producers: Rodrigo Pomarico, Elodie Doritch

Animation: Brunch Studio
Post Production: Nightshift

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