Anyone Anyway - Wanderer Pt. II (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) by Dreambound   2 weeks ago


Artist: Anyone Anyway
Song: Wanderer Pt. II
Album: Single (2018)
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island


Show me your heartbeat.
I promise you, that I'm listening.
And in my head I meant what I said,
But now I'm afraid that I'm losing you again.

What happened to your heart beating against only mine?
Now I'm alone,
How could I have jeopardized our time?

Show me your heartbeat.

What are your fears?
I'll tell you mine.
I think I made you too important in my mind,
And now I'm afraid that I’ll never see you again in this lifetime.

Now I'm drawing a blank,
I'm making a scene.
How could I have not been listening?
I'm sorry.
And I mean it.

I have no breath at all,
I can barely speak the words,
Your heartbeat deserves.

So I'll wander on.

I just couldn't find the words,
I'm sorry I wasn't careful.
Everyone makes mistakes,
This was an easy one to make.

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