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by The Pop Song Professor   1 year ago

2017 was a bad year for music. We were gifted by our pop idols with some interesting songs, but overall it felt like the year was kind of...bleh...

But why not celebrate mediocrity and downright failure with a list?

Of course, if we counted small timers, this list could get enormous, so I focused on songs that were in the public spotlight.

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Disclaimer: The content of this educational video is covered by fair use. My explanations are transformative and add interpretation and analysis to the original work much as happens when I teach poetry in a university classroom. When I explain songs, I use only the lyrics or short clips of the original song or music video and thus have not hurt this song’s salability or provided a market substitute. All copyright claims will be disputed and appealed. Please see me as your ally in my attempt to use a literary perspective to enable fans to better understand and enjoy your wonderful and interesting piece of music.

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