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Treadle Pedal Completed - Marble Machine X #81

by Wintergatan   4 months ago

When I was a kid we used to go visit my grandmother and grandfather and they had an old Treadle pedaled Singer sewing machine. I could sit for hours just pedaling that machine, I was totally in awe over how it's flywheel transformed the up and down motion of the treadle pedal into a rotating motion. When I was sketching the design for the Marble Machine X that childhood memory struck me like a bolt and I knew I had to incorporate something similar into the MMX and now it is finally completed!

It took some iterations to find the correct geometry, to have the correct motion but now I would say it works perfect. The pedal is connected to a CAM shaft on the crank shaft and it moves in time with the music. Every downstroke of the pedal is like a metronome click to the songs which allows me to basically tap the beat of the song and play music instruments with two hands. It also gives some rest for the arms :).

By the way: I listened back to last weeks snare sound, it sounds pretty awful :). haha, will be follow up videos on me fixing that sound, we need CRISP. C R I S P.

HUGE Thanks to everyone who are watching and supporting this looong Marble Machine X Project!

Good luck with your own projects!


The video was edited by Johan Weber and Martin
Johan also makes music:

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