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H.I.B - Hermits in Black [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

by docm77   4 weeks ago

Hermits in Black on the Hermitcraft Server. NO TRESPASSING IN AREA 77 HIPPIES!
Written and Produced by Skellythekid and Majestic Taco from Docm77's Patreon Server
Big shoutouts to Wicked and Mermaid for their epic background vocals!

The good times dressed in black, remember that
With the base changing time and space, staying on track
Standing next to me, D.O.C
See he's done this before but not me
Creating worlds with my friends, 77 is the area, you can't get in
Alien cages, extra terrestrials, cant find us, we're too undetectable
But wait, you better watch out for this, me and docMC black shades and experiments
If you find our base better watch your back
It's scar and DocMC up on hermitcraft

Yea it's Hermits in Black (hermits in black)
Galaxy defenders!
Aliens on hermitcraft hermitcraft
Subscribe always remember

Doc the thinker now is under the light, another time set
Times like a fine web
Redstone used and the world is skewed
You've seen the room, but times up, bomb goes boom
Futuristic, our work is scientific
Formalizing, multiplying, all the enemies will never see
What the D.O.C has planned to be, till it's too late
Flick the switch and yall been, sent back in time gettin quicker as we put it on you
We're the first last and only defence against the worst scum in the hermitverse
Cause we're fearless, peerless, when you're near us, we're sneaky, never hear us
Better cheer us, if you're flying in from outer space
Better be prepared to get put in your place

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