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Golden Heart - Indie/Folk/Alternative/Other- A 'Seriously' Beautiful Compilation, 2017

by Mr. Foxx Frequency   2 years ago

I DO NOT own rights to any of these songs, or the images used. All song rights belong to the artists, their labels, producers, claimants, etc.

***All songs on this playlist came from my thoughtful Subscriber, Serious' own beautifully compiled list . Serious was the one who suggested that I make a Playlist with my own personal favorite songs (back in November) and I had turned that video into a submission contest of sorts (Where people could submit their personal favorite songs), and he won it, so here are Serious' favorite songs for us ( in no particular order, I re-arranged them ) This was an absolute treat for me to make, many gems on here that I had never heard before, and many other beautiful old friends to return to . I compiled with a smile on my face (and sometimes a tear in my eye) Makes my job easy, too, all these beautiful songs already cataloged for me, ...... Cheers, Serious, thanks, kind one, you truly have an impeccable taste in tunes : ) I hope you guys enjoy this one as well , happy listening!

1)0:00- Josh Garrels - "Farther Along"
2) 5:13- The Oh Hello's "I Have Made Mistakes"
3)9:57- William Fitzsimmons - "Everything Has Changed"
4 )14:52- Bear's Den - "Elysium"
5)18:19- The Gaslight Anthem - "Here's Looking at You, Kid"
6)21:54- Mighty Oaks - "When I Dream, I See"
7) 25:16- Noah And The Whale - "Lifetime"
8)28:44- Roo Panes - "Can't You See"
9 )32:55- Billy Crudup - "Home" ('Rudderless' Soundtrack)
10)36:53- Alexi Murdoch - "Something Beautiful" (unreleased)
11) 42:11- Kaleo- "I Walk On Water "
12) 47:44- Motopony - "Wait for Me"
13) 52:42- Lord Huron - "She Lit A Fire" (**Removed to avoid this playlist from being blocked in certain countries, my apologies)
14) 57:33- The National - "Terrible Love" (Alternate Version)
15)1:01:34- Peter Bradley Adams - "Chant"
16) 1:06:00- Xavier Rudd - "Follow The Sun"
17)1:10:22- Sleeping At Last - "I'll Keep You Safe"
18) 1:14:45- Passenger - "Things That Stop You Dreaming"
19) 1:18:23- Matthew Mole - "Same Parts, Same Heart"
20) 1:22:05- Yellowcard- "How I Go"
21) 1:26:37- Third Eye Blind - "Motorcycle Drive By"
21)1:31:00- Wolf Larsen - "If I Be Wrong"
22) 1:38:24- Ben Howard - "Promise"
23) - 1:44:41- The airborne toxic event-" The graveyard near the house"
24) 1:49:35- Fleetwood Mac - "Landslide" (REMOVED due to copyright)
25) 1:52:56- Johnny Cash - "One" (Johnny's wicked U2 cover : )
26) 1:56:48- Gregory Alan Isakov -" All There Is"
27)1:59:11- Blind Pilot - "Half Moon"
28)2:02:39- Keane - "Somewhere Only We Know"
29)2:06:39- The Editors - "Bones"
30) 2:10:46- Bon Iver - "Holocene"
31) 2:16:25- Green Day - "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"

Thanks so much for listening to this amazing list of Serious'. Though my contest idea did not garner many submissions, I would have to say that it was totally worth it to be able to listen to so many wonderful songs, and I am always open to people submitting their favorite songs on any post. I assure you I will listen to them. I plan to post playlists (or a combined playlist) of the other folks' lists ( submitted on my other post) in the near future. So yeah, feel free to share your favorites below, I can always use the help ( clearly you all have great tastes, probably superior to my own : )

"Everything Has Changed" by William Fitzsimmons (Lyrics)

Today I saw my father standing in the graveyard
Looking very somber looking for his mom
When he finally found her he said that it was different
Everything is different nothing's really changed

My brother would remember sitting in the hallway
Waiting for my father both of us were scared
When the doorknob turned we took off for the stairway
Looking for some cover trying to get away

A guide dog had to serve the role that you would not let
The mother of your children every really play
The office was a dungeon where you hid your fears of
What would really happen if no one ever came

I wonder if you blamed yourself for when she left you
By closing up the garage door and turning on the car
Your father must have lost it your sister couldn't help you
But dad if you were lonely you had no where to turn

Of father can't you see the pieces that have fallen on the ground
When you and mom decided nothing could be saved inside this house

Everything has changed
Everything has changed

Last night I had a dream that I was in the graveyard
Looking at my father buried in the ground
I'd swear that I could hear him tell me he was sorry
He told me he was sorry and everything has changed

........It's O.K if this song cracks your heart open or makes you cry, you are not alone in this......

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