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Among Them - The Others (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

by Dreambound   6 months ago


Artist: Among Them
Song: The Others
Album: 'Coming and Going' (2018)
Hometown: Perth, Australia


Painted in gold, these idols before me
But the cracks are starting to appear
Our home has become, the root of all our fear

We’ve created false heroes from false ideals
They impose their will again and again
Infatuated closing our eyes until we’re blind
We’re unified through entropy

Tell me about the others
Tell me about the other experiments
Do they see pursue defeat the same as you or me

Read all the stories, with vague notions of glory
They’re all lies

Surrounded by these familiar lights
We forge on with this plight called life
All this pressure surmounting
I see through our translucent surroundings

Give me a reason to flourish and not disappear

Born from the others
Perceptions rearranged, so that we’re on display

Our failure’s, echo around these empty plains
There’s nothing to hear it

Open your eyes, there’s nothing in sight
All we have is entropy


Filmed and edited by
Lonely Koi Visuals

Produced, mixed and mastered by
Cody Brooks

Co-produced by
Ethan Macpherson

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