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Traveller- Indie Folk/ Pop/ Playlist- Summer 2017

by Mr. Foxx Frequency   2 years ago

I DO NOT own rights to any of these songs, or the images used.

*All song times, artist names and track titles listed below *

- Hello there! I hope you enjoy this playlist some. I am going to be releasing a few other featured artist mixes this August, and I hope you will swing by to check some of them out (and thank you for coming by to give this one a listen :) If you have time, please scroll down to the bottom of the description to find out about today's specially featured recording artists. Cheers!- Mr.FF

0:00- Caamp- Misty
3:46- ***MyKey- Monsters In The Dark***
7:01- Frances Luke Accord - Over Your Roof
9:38- Noah Kahan - Sink
13:21- Lucas Laufen - Boulders
17:24- The Light The Heat - Falling For You
20:46- Leif Vollebekk – Elegy
25:17- COVEY- Stranger
29:39- Pilgrims' Dream- Redemption
33:56- ***Matthew Mell - Oh ***
36:28- Sin Fang- Young Boys
40:04- Thirdstory- Searching For A Feeling
43:54- ***Lyoki- End of Time***
48:00- Sun Brother- Unsewn
50:09- ** Chase McBride- Cedar & Oak**
53:13- ***Plain Farady- Porcelain Fine***
58:44- Aron Wright- Home
1:01:03- Stu Larsen- Chicago Song
1:05:24- sonofdov- A Low Hush Keel
1:09:19- Son Mieux - For Those
1:12:33-** MyKey- The Diver &The Girl**
1:16:26- Vincent Colbert- Michigan
1:19:14- The Young Folk- My Friends
1:22:52- Ed Patrick- Eyes on You
1:26:00- Penny and Sparrow- Bread and Bleeding
1:30:13- Ciaran Lavery - Everything Is Made To Last
1:34:04- Hanging Valleys- T.B.D
1:38:05- **MyKey- Maybe I Was The One**
1:42:34- Parisian Pass- Fire Play with Me
1:45:04- The Talbott Brothers- Wanderer
1:48:23- Drew Blackard - Right About Now I'd Like To Move To Austin And Buy A Purple House
1:55:51- Jacob Ridall- Walking By
1:59:46- Edwin Raphael- Wolves or Foxes
2:02:57- Blackchords- Sinking Like a Stone
2:06:05- Willy Poldd- Maps (Benjamin Francis Leftwich cover)
2:10:00- Keith Kenniff (unseen)- Wilderness

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-As always, please consider supporting any of the recording artists that I feature that you enjoy, if you can, any way you can. And subscribe to them if they have channels! I think they would really appreciate that, too :) Today we celebrate a few wonderful recording artists in particular.

***MyKey ( Mikey Ambrosino) is a solo indie-folk-pop artist from Maryland who just released his incredible full-length debut album , 'Faces'. You can find all tracks off the album on his social media sites. Show some love for the new and very talented recording artist and consider supporting him if you enjoy his music : )


**Matthew Mell is an Independent folk singer based in Berlin. His fabulous and incredibly addictive song , “Oh”, is the first single from his upcoming debut album, 'Tiny Bits of Serendipity'. Here are some of Matthew's social links for you :)

**Lyoki is the moniker of (Sian) , a singer -songwriter from (and based in) Ireland. She records her music solo by herself (at home using the recording program Logic ) but has also collaborated with a number of artists . Her gorgeous track, " End of Time", is her first (recently) released single, and it has been featured on Wave of Good Noise. You can find Lyoki and her beautiful song via the links below :)

***Chase McBride is an independent singer-songwriter based in California. His amazing track, “ Cedar & Oak”, is from his third full length album, ‘Cold Water’ (released on January 18, 2017) You can find it for listening and or purchase on most major distribution platforms, and the full album stream on his own channel. Support the incredible Chase McBride: )

**Plain Faraday is an indie-folk band from Colorado composed of members Caleb Sanders, Robert Sanders, Katie Burns and Ellis Murray. Here are some links to their wonderful newly released single, “Porcelain Fine” :)


..And here are some more of their social sites for you :)


-Thanks again for listening (and reading) Peace out for now- Mr.FF :)

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