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Hollyn - You Won't (Official Music Video)

by Hollyn   6 months ago

it's more than music. it's a part of my story that reveals the tension between my heart and my mind. download or stream at http://hollyn.lnk.to/ywh

video directed by SAINTS. music produced by chris “dirty rice” mackey & joseph prielozny for COBRA. strings by david davidson. engineered by bobby shin. piano by robin ghosh. mixed by carlton lynn. mastered by bob boyd at ambient digital. written by hollyn, kyle guisande and devin guisande. 
©2018 Gotee Records


Been going round, going round thinking you would
I tell myself, tell myself give it time you'd be good
I'd read the signs, read the signs if I knew that I should
I tell my friends, tell my friends he's just misunderstood
There's so much of you that I ignore
Cause every time you hold me I feel warm
The ground beneath our feet is never sure
So you've always had one out the door
You won't give your heart a chance to break
Standing in the shallows safe
Wish I could make you want to
Cause you're something I can't you undo
People say whatever falls just breaks
But we could be the ones who stay
Wish I could make you want to
But I know it's something that you won't do
It's just something that you won't
Something that you won't
I'm sick of you, sick of you always saying you gonna do
Do you think of me, think of me and the point that you've taken me
It's just lying when you say you're in love with me
But undecided on just where that's supposed to lead
Whatchu want from me
Whatchu want from me
If you won't give your heart a chance to break

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